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The first month of the year  is over and my insert is done. I did quite a few layouts and I'm really happy whit how it turned out and it was really fun to make the pages.

Here are a few of the pages, the photos are awful but not much to do about that living in winter Sweden...

When I sat down yesterday to make my TN insert for February I thought that I could put together a little kit for the month. Just the lest over paper from the book, some stickers and a stamp set. Just a few thing that are pretty and that will provide a starting point. I don't know how much I will use it but now I'm really exited to start!!

This year I have plan to do more scrapbooking or memory-keeping in my monthly TN insert. Since June I have made an insert per month and I really like having these little books. Now I plan to do more playing inside! Here you can see my January travelersnotebook insert

Here is a page I did in the beginning of January of a afternoon walk using some cute stickers from NinjaWashi and Crate Paper "Snow & Cocoa"

I really like to scrapbook in this size and the fun and easy. Just add photo, some notes and cute stickers!

I see myself as a maker, someone how is very creative and how can do allot of different crafts. Seeing myself as an artist is a bit harder. All the painting I did last year did help to clear that image of myself. Today I feel more like an artist and that means I take myself more seriously. One example of that is that I bought a paper pad by Arches.  

A paper pad you say, what is so special about this paper? In the world of watercolor Arches is the top brand and they make amazing paper, but it also cost more. So I have only every bought the cheaper brands, thinking I wasn't good enough. That I couldn't handle this paper. that it would be wasted. That the cost of it was to high for what i painted. So when I finally, after allot of hesitating, decided to buy it something shifted. Not only did my work look better (imagine that, it looks better on better paper...) but I also felt better that I'm one step closer to be the artist that i want to be. 

 If you read between the lines here, you know that in this case being brave is not about buying good quality watercolor paper. It's about the fact that I took myself more seriously, decided that I was worthy that cost of an Arches paper pad.

This year I'm trying to be more brave. painting more, shearing more and doing more. I don't want to sit in my pretty (and rather chilly) studio and not daring to try new things. I don't want to come up with new ideas and thinking; "I'm not good enough to paint that". I want to at least try. To be brave.

You know have we all think through our lives at the new years and deiced to do some things differently... I planed to do more scrapbooking in smaller format, 12x12 album are just huge... And what it the first page I do this year? Well I love how it looks so I suppose it's alright...

Wiola just loves the winter and I hade to scrap this photo of her full of snow! 

It's so fun to work with a winter line how has such fun and bright colors! Here in Sweden winter is grey, grey and in best case white but mostly grey...

I have so many ideas. Some I hardly get before I do them, some might simmer for a while and some, let's just say maybe it's good that i don't do all of them...
 One idea I've had for awhile is to spray paint my typewrite that I bought this summer. It's really good, it writes and it's small, but it's ugly. So after thinking about it for a few month I decided to do it. I got spray paint, (mint color!) and started spraying.

Here you can see the hole process:

 I took it all out to the workshop and got started. First I cleaned it with "T-Röd" (alcohol cleaning thing), them I masked it of with tape and newspaper. I also planed to spray a 6x8 album.
The end result I think couldn't look better! I love how pretty and fresh it looks now!

 The album was a bit trickier, the color that I had bought didn't work on the fabric binding. But I happen to have a little brother that loves spray painting so he fixed it for me by spraying it black. Thank havens for little brothers! After that I took it to the studio and added s few white details.
 I'm so happy with this one, so much better then before!
 The inside got a black coat too.

I had a really great time and I love how it turned out. I was a bit nervous to do this, but masking the typewriter was easier than I hade thought and it looks great! 

This has to be one of my favorite project of the year! But when working on a bigger project something has to go wrong, that is a rule and in my case my printer died half way in. How ever I had a system in place so when I got a new one, after Christmas I sat down for a day and it was all done!

 Some of these earlier pages you can see the process of in the December Daily videos. Some of the pages I have changed but in all I'm so happy with how it turned out!!

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