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Teen Boy mini album using Crate Paper "Cool Kid"

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I hardly ever scrapbook about others but when even I saw the "cool kid" line by Crate Paper I knew I wanted to make an album about my brother for Christmas. I really wanted to give him this, an album that captures him as a 13 year old and hopefully its something that he can look back on. How he looked this year and what he liked.

In the book I have written subjects on 3x4 card and than he has written in the answers. I have tried to add as much as I can of the teen-boy-stuff  and what I know he likes. 

I have tried to add in some random photos but also making some pages about events, like his vacation to Kreta. A few pages about school and his favorite topics.

I'm so happy whit how this album turned out, the mix of pockets and open pages. That I have his voice in here is by far the best thing! 

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