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December Daily prep part 1- having a plan

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Have you started to think about December Daily?
Last year I did an album and I have to admit that I might letting myself getting hyped up of all of the December Daily prep videos coming now. I´m so doing it this year and I went back to my 2014 album to see what I liked and what I can do differently.  I also was really unsure of what i wanted for this year. 
Making the plan:

First I started whit all of my options/ questions
-How do I want to do it?
Daily     Just stories    Mix
-What feel /warm or cold
Gold    Silver    Mix
The Size?
6x6     6x8     A4
The structure?
Pocket pages    Free/loose    Mix 

For me this where the big questions that before I had answered them couldn´t start. 
As you can see I have this plan of really mixing it up. I want to do it daily but whit stories of memories and traditions mixed in. I also want to have both silver and gold. Mixing pocket pages but also have "free" pages. All in a 6x8 album.

After this I wrote down all the things I want to have, specific photos and stories but also stuff like vintage images and lots of texture. 

Finally I made two more lists:
-What I liked about the 2014 album
*it´s a fun album to have and look through
*the vintage vintage images 
*good size, fits nicely on the bookshelf
*having family recipes whit photos
* clear structure
*pages of  favorite traditions, music and ornaments

-What I can do better
*having a thought out plan, both for content and look. (making a kit for this year)
*More! everyday pages, more stories and more christmas!
*Photos, making sure that they look good and bright
*More life in the album, free pages and lots more texture.

This are my top 3 for awesome December Daily inspiration boost:  
Marie Lottermoser is the Queen of December Daily, have a look at here gallery!!
Scrap Gals Podcast has a episode about December Daily that is filled whit ideas
Victoria Marie is an amazing lady at youtube and she has just finished series where she finished her 2014 December Daily album. I´m sure to check out when she starts whit 2015!

I really want the 2015 album to be as good as I can make it and doing a plan, having a clear image of what I want it to look like, include and feel like will (hopefully) help. 
Love Julia

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