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Lfe kit: Hello Beautiful- beautiful

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Following a sketch is, for me. so hard! The story behind this layout is that I started whit it late one night, stopped to be able to record the process to day after. So I took a photo of the layout to glue it all down later... Oh good grief,  my head was like, "but put it here", "try it here" "why not some paint?!" I had to keep remind myself that the work is DONE! just glue it down...
The day after, in daylight, I started whit some blue mist for the background, and the mat it on craft. Here it´so clear how hard my brain had whit this, did I trim the background? No! I always to this, but I just couldn´t think straight...

 But my brain did think; " I LOVE a pink tassel!
 ...and copper-glitter leafs. I love those!"
 After having added the journaling my thought process started to come back and I finished it whit some gold "Heidi Shine"
In the end I´m so happy whit how it turned out and I´m so glad I didn´t change it.

Love Julia

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