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December Daily 2015 THE END

By 12:25 AM ,

It is officially over with this blog post. December Daily 2015.
First I just want to thank everyone how has read my blog-posts and watched my video, hopefully I have given you a little inspiration! 

Here is a flip through and my thoughts:
This was my second year and just like last year I finished it around day 27-28. Why? Here is what I learned. Have a good plan  Know what you want it to look like, feel like and what to use.
 I thought long before I started, look at the year before, looked at others and made my own plan. 
But to finish an album, that is just a question of will power. If you want to finish it, do it. If not then don't! This is a project that should be fun! 
 In my plan I wanted stories mixed with everyday-pages. This part I really like, finding stories in my album.
 I wanted a mix of page designs, pockets, open, free, pocket pages. A real mix, I like it when you get to experiences the album not just whit your eyes but also whit your hand. 
 I wanted a fun album to look through, not hidden behind plastic. I do have pocket pages but not just, and when I have them I like to glue stuff on top.
 Different mediums, texturs and colors. So when turning pages you would just feel the Christmas spirit oozing out. Because that is Christmas for me, mixing paper and fabric, colors, gold and silver.
 Another thing I´m so happy about is the number of stuff that I made before that I actually used! Like this page, it was first a brown paper bag, turned into a pretty page. And all the die-cuts that I cut out, used so much of them, I had to cut more! That makes me happy, that the things I used most was the things I could do my self! 
 I decided early on that I would go from Advent to the day after Christmas, sens for me this is a Christmas album. But it´s the same here, to make it a good album, I think you shouldn't make any decisions in December. That should all be done so when you sit down it´s all fun.
 The day after Christmas I just added a few photos and wrote about the holiday. 

This is my album, if you want to see how it came together check out the playlist and the blog posts!

I´m so happy with my DD album and if haven't finished yours, hopefully this helped a bit.

Love Julia

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