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"How To YouTube" 12x12 scrapbook using PP C'est La Vie

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How To:  YouTube, I have done videos for a few years and though my process changes the basic of it stays the same and i thought it would be fun to document this "hobby". I used the pretty C'est la Vie from my last Scrobby haul and wrote down "the rules" on my very imperfect typewriter, look close and you can see it doesn't type the full letter. I think it turned out great and i hope my fellow youtubes will like it too!

How To YouTube: 

"Come up with an idea, preferably a brilliant one... 
Film it with no mistakes and no wrong cutting or spilling mist
Photograph the amazing result in bright white natural light
Import film and photos to computer
Edit photos
Edit video
Record voice over 73 times, to make sure it is perfect
Wait for the video to be saved
Upload to YouTube
Wait on video to be uploaded on YouTube
Write a blogpost of your process and result
Go through blogpost, perfect spelling and grammar!
Link everything to everywhere
And it's done, now start over."

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I think this page is really fun and though it's a bit sarcastic it has a few serious elements that we youtubers has to remember while doing our videos; "Ignore the critics", "Play hard" & some gold mist can save the day...

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