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The-not-so-epic-cardstock-haul from Scrobby.nl PART 2

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The drama is over, I now have straight-edged-cardstocks!! 
I have shopped at Scrobby.nl a handful of times and even though things can go wrong (exibit A) they are always so very nice and helpful. I think now when we shop more and more online and in other countrys the stores has even more pressure on delivering the promised products. It's not just packing the right stuff it's also is shipping it in a safe way and be there after to make sure it all got delivered. This means more focus on customer servis to make sure that the costumer will come back even though some things went wrong. And it's here that Scrobby.nl deserves it's golden star, in handling the unhappy customer (me)  and making sure (I) will return, and that I will!

 They shipped the papers again and also the traveler's notebook. How ever I don't need two so my sister got a nice surprise yesterday...

When shopping online and things don't end up the way they should, contact the store. Usually they will help you and try to get you back.

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