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Lucky me to be whit you- 12x12 layout

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I love looking through magazines, they are so pretty and inspiring, and for this layout I wanted to try to use an advertising I ripped out. 

The add is a full page and was found in a garden magazine. I just love it and after having thought about how to add it, I sat down and turned on the camera... hoping for the best. 

The add-page had a black background with what looked to be a sketched garden scene. In the signs was info about the event, I covered them whit the photo and tiny word sticker.
So I started whit colors, pink and gold. I had this painted craft in pink, perfect for a background. I got out my trusty sewing-machine to sew down the page and the gold-dotted vellum. Really liking how the white thread frames the dark!
 There is not allot of embellishments but I added a glittered tag and some leafy-thingis Magnolia die cuts, to play whit the garden scene. Sens the I wanted the background to be the "star" I used a black& white photo, so I didn´t have to have competing colors.
 I used a Amy Tangerin craft word for my title, again so not to over power. I think a black title would have been to much. The craft word works whit the background and stand out just enough whit the glossy-accent.  
 What is the last thing you do? Splatter some gold Heidi-Shine of course! I love doing this over black & white photos, it looks so magical!!

Love Julia

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