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The Black & White+ Mint kit: 4*7*15

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Let´s get started whit layout number one. As the first layout I just really wanted to play whit the tissue paper that had been the main inspiration. I wanted to use it for a background,
 and I love how it looks!
The background is strips of the mint tissue stitched down and before I crumpled them a bit and that gives a ruffle touch but without the ruffles... 

 Whit this background I wanted the rest to be nice and simple. Th photo and journaling is mated
on black paper and even though the title are in different fonts, it´s all in black.
 The all white stones, i think, adds the the lake feel. the foam on the water or bubbles... 
 The journaling is written on this oh-so cute cut apart card from Maggie Holmes "Confetti" line whit that cute bird. The story is about a hot day and that Wiola walk out in the lake, witch she hasn´t done before

Love Julia

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