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Together DIY 12*12 scrapbook process

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Do you you save your scraps? Where do you keep them?
In a drawer or sort them by color... I used to have a desk drawer for scraps but found that while it got fuller I didn´t look in it. Now I store my scraps on the paper-pad it came from. It works for me sens I keep looking in them and I tend to by my paper in pads rather then by sheet. How ever I do keep a tin next to my desk for tiny pieces and it from that tin today´s layout came from. 

I know some find it hard to work whit scraps and scraps from different lines and brands. This layout came together thanks to some papers ended up next to each other while I was looking through my tin. "Thous looks cute together!"
I really like to work whit b&w photos because then you can pick what ever color you want and you can pick more and bolder color sens it want clash whit the photo.

This flowers I painted, scanned and printed. 
Love how the watercolor look works whit the patterned paper.

 The title is from the "Confetti" chipboard sheet by Maggie Holmes, I
really do need another sheet!
I really like the fun feel this layout has, just as Majken and Kerstin in the photo. This is the last "DIY" layout. The last couple of weeks I have been focused on making my own embellishments, painting more and using more from my stash. Now I feel more creative and like to use my own things. I hope you have liked this, the layouts and videos. Hopefully you have found some ideas and felt inspired. 
My next project is almost done, just a few more layout to film, and then I 
will be working whit a kit from my stash. I hope you will stop by to check it out!
Love Julia 

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