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Likeforever kit: Acorn Avenue

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So exited to get my first (ever) kit. Just in love and so inspired to get started!!
I´ve been looking for a kit club for a long time but shipping to Sweden is way expensive! But I´ve heard good think about the Likeforever and stared whit checking a few things whit the owner how answered quickly and I made up my mind.

What really "tipped the scales" so to speak was the kit it self, I just love the Pink Paislee "Ceder Lane" line. The colors and the patterns are very usable. And then those arrows, I would never buy them myself but I love them!! Then a hole die-cut pack and those clear tiny word sticker!!! The pack of matching sequins are a real challenge, but I´m up to the task, same goes for the blue thinkers. 

So loveing this and honestly, I have all ready made a layout...

Love Julia

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