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Acorn Avenue kit: Happy Girl+ Tacksam

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I love watercolors. that is a fact. For you how didn´t know I paint... allot and watercolors are my favorite medium. Sorry oil tubes that are hidden away. So on this day I just wanted to play whit them on a layout. 

I won´t wright to much about this page, as you most likely have seen the video but I can just say that adding those black ink-drops really made the page come to live- contrast!!

 This layout turned out to be one of my favorites and of course I didn´t record it... But I can still show it to you. I started whit a painted craft cardstock, I have few ready to go, painting many in one sitting. Here I have one in sort of a midnight blue and I really wanted to work whit that feel.
 Splattering some "Heidi shine" in gold makes the "stars" and the banners are from the layout before but here I stitched them in to 3 banners to drape on the page. The journaling are typed in my typewriter and cut in to strips. This way the journaling is easy to read but doesn´t feel heavy.  
I love this blue background whit the purple color and layering it under my photo makes it really pop. I´m just so happy whit how this turned out, so fun!

Love Julia

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