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Acorn Avenue kit: You are my favorite +3 A4 layouts

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I love scrapbooking from a collection, knowing that its all designed to compliment and work together. I also know that not everyone likes creating like this, feeling that all layouts will come out looking the same and obvious from the same. So here I want to show you a process of how you can turn the colors around to create a different feel from what you might first had thought. 

 Here are three more A4 layouts (21x29 cm) that are made from the same collection and kit but I think you´ll agree whit me that they all came out looking very different.

The first one here I wanted clean and a strong pattern in the right corner. That dark paper compliments the photo and bring the in the focus.
 This layout is really about the story and by wrighting it on the white cardsock not only gives it visual weight but makes is easy to read. 
 I love me some Heidi-Shine on my dark photos, it really adds that feel of night-time magic.
 The second layout is not clean and simple, it´s the opposite... I wanted colors and fun. This is about my oh-so odd pbgv Wiola some how always end up doing odd things, like just like that have a fave covered in moss...?!
 But she is really foxy so she got the other fox, to add to that fun play-full feel
 Layer acetate!! so fun
 Number 3 in my favorite, here we have some of the black&white and clean look but also that fun colorful energy. I cut out some of those big flower from the paper in the first layout and layered them around the photos and in the bottom right corner.
 Can´t get over those arrows! So cute and I don´t have any left, pretty proud over that, no hording! 
 This layout is about a clicker course that we took this autumn so here I put the start and end-date on the tabs and wrote about it on a manilla tag. I just love how this one came together, but of course just because of that I didn´t record it....
I have loved working whit this kit and I still have a process video and a kill-the-kit/layout share coming up.

Love Julia

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