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Love Emmet- A4 scrapbook page with Crate Paper & WeRMK

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The album about my school years at Strömma is... coming along... I think I want to focus on telling big stories, that has stuck with me. Things I learned or important events and people. 
This story is about a horse. A very special horse named Eminente...

Emmet, as he was known, was indeed a special horse. He  believed to be the most handsome stallion ever lived and that everyone should treat him as a king. Now the sad truth was that he of course wasn't a stallion and not very handsome...
 So why was he so special? 
Emmet was a pain to ride, as many honest horses are, if you don't do it right, they will not go right.  He was very honest, but he also had "trust issues" which ment you really had to prov yourself worthy of him. After a time, I did (but boy did I have to fight for it!) after that he was a dream to ride and I learned so much from him. That is what the story for this layout is about, how lucky I was to get to know this horse and how much he learned me. I will always remember the feeling of when he really worked and how bad he was at jumping even though he loved it! (How he got over the jumped alive no one knows)

 I found out some month ago that he had past and even though I hadn't seen him sens I left school a little bit of my heart hurt. I was offered to buy him when I left (like I mentioned he was hard to ride and not many wanted to challenge him) I don't know if bringing him home with me would have made him live longer or kept me healthier but given the chans, I would go back and bring him home.
Papers: WrMK- love notes & Crate Paper- Hello Love
Washi: Py hobby
Embellishments: Crate Paper- Hello Love
Love Julia

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