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Sunday week 5

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First week of February is over and here in Sweden it looks like the winter is too. This week has been hard, the fibro but also my desk-project resulting in very limited crafting. Now that is for many not a big deal but for me, crafting is the one thing I can do when in pain... Anyway my desk top is back and painted white, what a differens!

 I also got some stuff online, to a very good price that I'm so excited to use. The first package came on Monday, the best day to get fun things. All the stuff are from Scrap&Ting's sale section but I think it was really good.
 From PYhobby, I was "only" to get the dye inks and tape... Well the washi was the designs I've been looking for and that A5 paper pad is so perfect for layering! And just now I got an email with the new stuff they just got in... deep breath and look away.

The ink is not the best quality but I don't have colored ink and I had orded a stamp set that just needs pretty colors. This stamp set I've been wanting for so long and now that I have it, I love it!! I got it from Pyssloteket and they have a really good service. 
Now I have seen alot of youtubers using this set and one thing I can say is that you really need to practices. But also that I don't think they need to be stamped perfectly either.  

The stamp set will defiantly show up in some upcoming videos. I filmed some yesterday and I've edited the one going up on tomorrow and now the one for Wednesday. Those layout I really like, both the stories but also in using some different materials...
Not saying any more now. Have a great week 6
Love Julia

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