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Felicity Jane-Tuesday Printables "Good Times" A4 scrapbook layout

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I'm super excited! I have signed up at Felicity Jane kit club in their two month bundle subscription. I have wanted to get this kit forever, always loved the fun and clean designs and the stamp-sets looks amazing.  So now they have this "bundle" where you get two kits every other month but only pay half the shipping cost. So I have signed up and will get my March and April kit in April. Of coarse I really want it now but at least I will get it! 

This March kit Tuesday has me so inspired and when I got the email with the 
printables I knew I had to make a layout with them!

The layout I made is going in to my "school" album from my time at Strömma 
(where I trained to be a horse-groom). I have allot of horse photos and this one I really like and I wanted to talk about that we always trained on tuesdays and that I often had Nova, even though I actually didn't really like him... 
 I did like riding him, allot, and we work together well, we just didn't click. But we had good times.

So I wanted to tell that story with the super cute printable from FJ. I wanted a bright white background with black accents to make the photo pop.
 When doing layout with "just" flat elements, like paper and paper, I like to add some things that will make you look twice. Here I added that cute bow, gold twine and pearls. Tiny things but they add just a little bit of texture.
 The tag is from Crate Paper and it goes so well with the FJ designs. The gold adds just a little bit of sparkle and the watercolor platters adds some fun unexpectedness to the page. 

I had so much fun working with these printables and can't wait intill  get the "real" stuff!
Love Julia

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