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Bargains at secondhand

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In my town we have a number of secondhand stores, some have good stuff and some just have... well crap. But my favorit, Emmaus, has a great store, well organised and lots of kitchen things (YAY!). So when ever I'm near and have some time, I pop in. So that is what I did this week while waiting for my brother to get out of school. I got three thing that I'm so happy about!
 No judgement, but I have started to buy these white horses and I love them. 
So I'm secretly 80...
 Something more useful is this light-blue tin/flowerpot. It is one big with three smaller tins whit in. I think this will be perfect to have on my desk for roller-stamps and washi.
 And then I found this! It's a pretty glass cake-stand. I love glass, and cake. If there is something that I actually want to collect, it's cake-stands! and teapots... 
I love "finding"  things that others no longer love, and what I pay for them is 1, very cheap and 2, it goes to charity. These this coat in total; 100 SEK, a real bargain! 

Love Julia

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