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"Come Closer" - 12x12 scrapbook - Maggie Holmes-Bloom

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My mom always says that she can't understand where I get my creativity from, sens she doesn't see herself as very creative. Well maybe she doesn't paint or sew or "make" things but I really do think of her as a very creative person. So I wanted to make a page about that and that she is a really great photographer. And just what she like to have in her lins...

My mom has a close relationship with her camera and often brings it out on our walks. With her lins she captures the nature around us, the birds in the sky, our funny dogs but most of all, the
 close up of anything. 
You can find her in the ditch to capture a spring flower or crawling around to find pretty stones. 
On her toes to reach to the branches filled with water-drops or trying to make Majken sitt, still... 

Favorit object has to be tulips and I'm so happy that I thought about taking these photos of her, on her birthday. (she got allot of tulips...)
 Come Close, Come Closer.
I wanted to make a girly, pretty page with the elements that she likes. Pink, tulips and butterflies. 
 The background is stamped with the "Bloom" stamp set and the roller phrase stamp from "Shine". Then splattered with Heidi Shine in "Pink" and "Gold"
 watercolored tulips on stamped background with some ink splatter... Well that is pretty much me, but sens this page is about where I get my creativity from, I had to have some "me" things here...
 So it's a page where we come together and it tells a story of both me and my mom.
"But i believe that I had to gotten my creativity from someone how sees the beauty in the tiny things, like  water-drops..."

Love Julia

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