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Shopping at Aliexpress & 5 tips on thing perfect for crafters!

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Hi! Today I thought I would shear some thoughts on shopping at Aliexpress. At Aliexpress you can find pretty much anything for much less then you would normally pay. That is great but they also have allot of awesome stuff for us craft nerds!!

I have shopped there for a few month and think it's great! The best part is the price. You can find so much for so much less. You can find almost anything and some really cool thing you didn't even knew you needed! So what's the catch? Well as any other online stores, you can't be sure of what you get intill you get it... and that can take some time. To Sweden it usually takes about 3-4 weeks. Now sometimes it takes less and some time it's longer.

So when shopping at Ali, think of this; 
-Read all the information, especially the measurements. If you get clothes really read it!
-Read the feedback, here you can get an idea for how long the shipping is, if the things are what they promised and how the sellers deal with unhappy costumers.
- Look again, with free shipping and low prices you can and should take time to look around. Put the things in your cart and keep looking, go back and look again. Chances are you can find a better or to a better price.

Now here are my top 5 that I have found at Aliexress over the past couple of months. All the photos are from the store so you can see what I saw. Follow the links for more information.

The first i just had to shear is this: The glorious golden scissors *angels singing*
These are just so pretty! They cut really well but they are just so pretty!

Another thing I was so happy tho find was this set of bow-dies. They come in a set of three and to a great price. I have used them many times and love making felt-bow-paperclips. 

And here is something for my fellow artists; a set of 9 micron pens. Great price but the shipping was a bit longer for these but still, great value!
The 4th tip are these washi-tapes, they come from the same store and I found them to be really good quality and great price!

The best I saved for last; a Traveler's Notbook  from Alice's Sweet Castle. In this store you can find traveler's notebooks and all type of accessories. I have really like what i have ordered from them, good shipping time and  good quality. I just picked up my new pocket size book and it's so cute, can't wait till I gen play with it! (expect more videos!)
 I ordered the "bundle" and got the book with inserts and lots of goodies, really recommend this for those of you how want o try but don't want to spend allot.

Those where my tips on shopping and what to shop at Aliexpress. I hope this been informational to you and that you give it a go!

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