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Scraproom Vlog -shelfs challenge

By 1:45 AM ,

Don't you just love when you get those "have to reorganize it now"-feeling a Friday morning just before you leave for school of work...  Well I have though about my shelfs before but yesterday morning I just had to do it that day...

So here is the before, not to bad but things staked on each others stresses me out. Also I'm afraid an album will fall on my head when I craft.

 The after is much better! With a very limited space you have to have a "make -do" attitude but I'm very happy with what I accomplished with on the time-35 min.

It has a lighter and airier feel, I could take away more like the gold box with stamps I hardly ever use but then I feel, I've spent allot of money on those and honestly the space that they are taking up is not worth that much... But yes, one day I will most likely sell them.
For now it feel better and I can keep crafting!

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