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December Daily day 6-13 +free printable

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Yet another week has past and now we have only 10 days till Christmas. Time really flies and here is another week in my December Daily.

I really tried to film i all only to discover that half the videos was out of focus *deep breath* 

But first, here is a printable that I hope will add some Christmas cheers to you all!

 Day 6 is an a 3x4 pocket page design, with the number on the outside.
 In the paper-bag I have a printout on Dr Suess  "How he Grinch stole Christmas". On the bag I used the printable in a 3x4 size and I just love it!
Oh, this page, one of my favorites but I should really know better then trying to paint on gesso. How ever it turned out just fine and next time I will think twice! (and probably do it again..)
Day 8 is me trying to save day 7 by backing it and luck stack again. Here I have my story of the day in the pocket (the tag) and the a photo on the pocket. 
Day 9 I baked allot so I just added a photo of them and the recipes are in a pocket in the end of the album, so it´s easy to fine.  
 The tag for day 8, this day I only used the "Christmas on market street" pad I just love it!!
Day 10 is just a big photo and some journaling on a label about how much I love the smell of these flowers. 
Day 11 is an altered paper-bag and the flap turned into a pocket. I love the papers from Pink Paislee´s "merry and bright" and I used the same paper (A&B-sides) on the page and tag.

Here I have 3 tags, 2 for fabrics (that I used on the project) On the big tag I have a photo of the work in progress.

And the other side is the lunch-bag done!! 
Don't tell but I made two so that my sister is getting one!
 Day 12 is just a photo of Majken during our walk and in the bag is a 6x8 (front and back) age with journaling. It´s just about what I like right now and what I do. I think it will be fun looking back in say ten years and read how much I like Wiola and father Brown...

Day 13 has two ages, first a 6x8 photo (on mat paper) of my lovelys dressed u for Lucia
 and on the back side is what I did that day. Morning walk and the snuggles with miss W. The best kind of Sundays! 

Now take a deep breath, check the focus of the camera and let´s start next week!

Love Julia

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