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Happy Heart A4 scrapbook layout

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What gets you inspired when designing you pages? Is it products, techniques, colors, photos or is it different things at different times? For me, I get inspired by everything and anything.  
For this layout I wanted to use this photo, that isn´t that great, for two reasons: 1 It´s an everyday type of thing that I just think would be fun to look back on. 2, the soft blue/purple-ish color. 

I had picked papers in that color family and wanted them on the right side, leaving allot of white space in the left, to emphasis the light in the photo. 

 Like so many things that ends up on my layout, this flower was found on my desk in this frame... I loved how it looked and now it´s an embellishment for this page. 
I really like gold on pages like this, when the color I have is rather cold and with strong black contrast, the gold gives it that warmth to the page.
 The photo has good contrast, the really bright light, the dark shadow and the collar. This is what I wanted to bring out to the page and still have that soft color.
 There are so many ways to make a design for you photo and story but this is one I use often. To really look at the photo and try to pull the feeling out to the page. And what I really like about it is that that photo will now be remembered, even though it´s not striking or amazing. 
 When in doubt, add black. This really adds contrast and makes the light lighter and colors will pop.

Now I challenge you to take a photo, look at it and try to make a layou where it feels like the photo comes out to the page!

Love Julia

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